STORAGE module
Complex stock documentation, making own catalogues and price lists, storage for atypical products and storage for unfinished products.

Each storage is divided into groups and items. It helps to systematise all stock items, but it does not complicate finding. The Merick Calc 3000 program has some ways, in which you are able to find stock item very quickly. We'll show it as examples:

  • abcde - to find a item in the current group; the finding item's name, alias or catalogue is "abcde" beginning
  • abc.abcde - to find a item in the "abc" group; the finding item's name, alias or catalogue is "abcde" beginning
  • *.abcde - to find a item in all groups; the finding item's name, alias or catalogue number is "abcde" beginning
  • #1234567890123 - to find a bar code or other identifier in all groups; each item can have more input bare codes ore other identifiers
  • +12345 - to find a PLU (unique internal stock number) in all groups

*) alias - an internal items' name only for fast item finding
*) catalogue number can be generated through the program

There are 6 stock item types:

  • Single stock item - the most frequently used item; it has its own amount and price. You do not produce it, but buy it. E.g.: material, goods, products of other producers
  • Assembly - a compound stock item (it consists of components); it is your product most often. It has its own amount and price; you produce or buy it. E.g.: cabinet (consisting of 2 sides, floor and backside, upside, doors, 2 shelves)
  • Set - a compound stock item (it consists of components, but you do not produce it); it has no amount but it has its price. It will be completed as soon as you e.g. sale it. E.g.: a white hinge (which you are retailing, it consists of a pad, hinge body, white topper and 2 screws) or veneered particleboard (consisting of veneer, glue and particleboard)
  • Service - a single stock item with no amount; it is used for labour costing. E.g.: assembling (per hour), transfering (per km), cutting (per m), painting (per m2), edging (per m)
  • Percentage item - a special stock item for price rising or decreasing in a document or compound stock item. E.g.: 10% discount for regular customer (in an invoice), assembling 15% (in an invoice), 200% overhead costs (in an assembly)
  • Material substitute - a special stock item which substitutes a group of materials; it is used in assemblies. According to e.g. customer's needs, it can be changed to a concrete material. (So called "virtual material" in the Merick Calc 3.15)

Some of the most important functions of the STORAGE module:

  • alias - an internal items' name for fast item finding
  • automatic generation of an unique catalogue number
  • more input bare codes and other identifier for one item
  • automatic calculation of wholesale and retail prices according to more criteria, including sensitive rounding-off.
  • one item can have more VAT rates and as soon as you sell it, you will choose one of them as needed
  • records on material formats including size, edging (cutting off)
  • special material parameters (e.g.: cut width, value of little and wide edging, the smallest size, machining allowance, machining speed)
  • you can insert more variables, enclosures (e.g.: instructions, drawings, production technology, 2D or 3D models) and comments to one stock item
  • assembly can include other assemblies (no limited nesting)
  • 3 component types (of an assembly): simple component, dependent component and square part.
  • 16 shapes of a square part e.g.: rectangle, bevelled or rounded rectangle, triangle, variants of ellipse or circle
  • 4 border types for covering cutting surfaces (they can be laminated)
  • grooving of a square part (cutting slots)
  • resulting size of square part can include border width; e.g.: You require part size 600 x 400 mm. If you enter these figures and choose "including borders" option, program will calculate the correct dimension stock according to used boarder material.
  • you can enter size as a mathematical expression; e.g. When you enter 600-18-18 or 600-2*18, program will enter itself 564 mm.
  • DIN and DWG code for each dimension stock; each dimension stock has a unique identifier (bar code), that will be connected with DIN (DWG) code. It is suitable for NC machines control

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